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This has been an adventure. My family and I have been strong supporters of the Springfield Longhorns for the last four years. . I have watched many of the participants in the organization grow as athletes and moreover as young men through the mentoring and guidance of many of the coaches. It is not only about football but values, ethics, teamwork and the correct path to choose in life that is taught by coaches that have stayed the course. Unfortunately, with much thought and concern for the betterment of mine, we are preparing to move on. The past seasons of galleries will remain on this website. The 2013 season will transition to http://www.xtaphrphotography.com and more direct http://www.xtaphr.smugmug.com.
Thank you for allowing me to capture some of the memories of your child's experience with the Longhorn family.

With regards,
Christopher 1&2 and Xtaphr Photography

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